Management and Consultancy

SMCG stands for excellent management consultancy. We reinforce your management (team) and positions it to produce quality work in an efficient and effective manner.


We use the most modern and innovative tools and best practices to ensure that your company functions properly and that your employees perform their duties to the best of their ability.


With the professional HRM support from SMCG, your organization will create and maintain those policies that assure the best interest and further development of the organization and its personnel is taken care of.

All-Round Human Resources Management (HRM)

SMCG addresses matters pertaining to all-round HRM and provides professional support and advice to organizations. We approach HRM as a process with all its facets within the organization. The following HRM domain areas are briefly cited and explained, namely Recruitment and Placement, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Labor Relations and Employee Security and Safety.


Recruitment and Placement
SMCG has the right HR tools to assist you in understanding your company needs for the recruitment and selection of the right person for the right job. We will assist you with the Job Analysis (i.e. what the job entails and what “human” requirements are needed to carry out the activities). This process also provides the necessary Job Descriptions and Job Specifications. Based on the aforementioned process and information collection, SMCG assists the organization in deciding what kind of person to recruit and hire for a particular position.


What is more: you do not have to go through a set of applications. SMCG can take the weight off your shoulders and find the right person for the job for you.
SMCG gives all the necessary professional support to your organization or company in the respective areas.


Training and Development
Your company needs to develop your human resources further?
Together with you SMCG will design Training and Development programs for any worker who holds a particular position in the organization, using the job descriptions as a basis for the required skills and training needs.


Compensation and Benefits
Understanding what each job entails, via the job analysis, the job descriptions and job specifications helps to estimate the value and appropriate compensation thereof.
SMCG assists in the valuation and classification and subsequent compensation of the different jobs. The jobs thus classified will be subsequently categorized in a compensation (salary) scale.


Labor Relations
We provide Labor Relations Consultants and we follow the basics of Labor Relations (i.e. concepts and techniques concerning the relations between the unions and management). We provide professional support and advice in matters related to collective bargaining (i.e. negotiating and agreeing upon a collective bargaining agreement between the unions and management).


Employee Security and Safety
SMCG values fair treatment of the employee in his working environment. We assist your company promote a two-way communication and fair treatment within the organization and assure consistency when it comes to disciplinary measures, dismissals, and employee job security.


Safe and Healthy employees benefit your bottom-line. SMCG assists your company taking care of the wellbeing of the worker where health and safety are concerned. We can assist in helping you make and maintain the workplace safe while at the same time adhering to laws, rules and regulations pertaining to employee safety and health.

HRM Consultancy

We offer professional knowledge, advice and support in the area of HRM. SMCG gives direct hands-on support to Client Companies in the form of temporary assignments or projects as well as day to day HRM activities.


Interim Support
Our team members are experts in their fields and are here to assist you with all your needs. We also provide interim support when needed. SMCG offers professional and flexible support in HRM activities and gives you advice tailored to your specific needs. Our support can be operational (in execution), tactical (advisory) or strategic (company level).


HRM Advice
We offer all-round advice in HRM and develop HR instruments and take care of the implementation hereof.


Interim- and Project Management
Are you in need of an interim manager or project leader to carry out a particular project within the organization? We are here to help! In the execution of the project, SMCG makes sure to respect and follow the vision of Management in the Client Company.


HRM Helpdesk
Our professionals through our helpdesk are readily available to give you answers to any questions you may have regarding HR matters, labor laws and law enforcement regulations.


Training & Development
Training through SMCG can be categorized in:
– In-company training
– Training on the basis of open enrollment


Our training has a practical approach whereby direct applicable knowledge is the most important aspect. All the training we provide is accredited. We give training in Management, Finance & Accounting, HR, Customer Service and Personal Development. We also organize Conferences, Workshops & Seminars related hereto.

Salary Consultancy

Need assistance with fiscal and social laws matters? Are you having problems with pension matters? Our salary professionals can provide you with the necessary support, advice and guidance. We cover the whole salary administration range and our skilled and qualified professionals will guide and coordinate any project related to salary issues.

Financial Management & Administration

SMCG will assist you in organizing your financial household. A well operating Financial Management can assure that the right decisions are taken pertaining to the future direction of a Client Company.


Let us help you take care of your Financial Administration and deal with your financial issues. We utilize the best and appropriate software package in executing your Financial Administration. We also give the necessary support in the yearly financial reporting.