Richard J. Hodge, MSc

Human Resources Management (HRM) | Facility Management (FM) | Labor, Policy and Organization Sociology
Lead Partner


Address: Camel road 10, Cay Hill-Little Bay, St. Maarten
Tel.: +1 721 580 3016 / +1 721 542 4709

Robert Budike, BSc

Economics | Legal | Finance & Accounting
PCMI (Projects, Consultancy & Management International)


Tel: +1 721 524 5094 / +1 721 542 3088

Steve Duzanson, MBA

Management, Training & Coaching Consultant



Tasheena Thomas-Maccow, PhD

Corporate Social Work | Behavioral Therapist



About SMCG

The vision of SMCG:

Building excellent organizations by means of employees achieving their full potential within a healthy and safe working environment.


The mission of SMCG:

To have overall and adequate policies in place and to maintain a balanced interest between employee and employer, where the constant focus is on personnel and organizational development in order to have continuous work progress, work satisfaction and increased level of work productivity in a healthy and safe work place.


For us it is all about the care for people and in particular the workers in a healthy and safe workplace.

Our first goal is to help and keep people at work and thus become part of the workforce. In this sense, we help by being a staffing and placement agency.


Secondly, we believe having available and applying the right management tools within an organization, we are certain that the employees will be able to develop themselves to the fullest. The right tools within the organization and a Management that ensures that the interests of the employees are served, can only lead to better functioning of the workers with as a result, better functioning of the organization where the interest of the workers and the organization remains in balance.


Thirdly, working in a healthy and safe environment is imperative to get better performance out of the employee. The workers are the most important assets of the company and therefore deserve much better care.

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