Staffing & Temporary Placement Agency

Our goal is to help you get the right job.


Our passion is bringing people back into the labor market and allowing them to take part in the labor process whether temporarily or permanent.
Do you need to enter back into the work-force?
SMCG can assist you finding and keeping a job. Your welfare is important to us.


It is very important that there is a good and sound work relationship between the employer and the temporary worker. We will be the intermediary in all work aspects and will help you, the unemployed to get and maintain a job in the long run.


The labor relationship between the unemployed and SMCG is flexible. SMCG will promote the relationship between the temp and the respective Client Company to grow from temporary to become in due time permanent when the match is a right one.


SMCG maintains a vacancy data base consisting of vacancies which are project based or regular. These vacancies are provided to us by local companies in the labor market but also by other (foreign) companies.

Temporary Placement and Contracting

SMCG provides temporary placement services for a definite period of time. For us it is all about putting the right person in the right place in order to carry out the job to full satisfaction of the Client Company. SMCG use unemployed or other interested persons to fill different positions within companies on a temporary basis.


SMCG professionals also carry out special assignments in companies for a specific period of time. Companies need to have the right person in the right place to assure an acceptable level of productivity in order to go forward and to obtain its objectives. SMCG assists companies by using the human resource tool of Recruitment & Selection of personnel in order to assure that the right man is recruited and selected for any position within an organization.

Payroll Administration

We offer payroll administration maintenance services (software package). Ask about payroll administration for temporary workers as well as any other payroll administration. SMCG supports your payroll administration efficiently and ensures it is functioning properly.


SMCG has a variety of payroll administration system options and will tailor the system to your specific needs. SMCG supports, assists and guides your company through the whole process of development of a payroll administration system until the system is fully operational in-house.


SMCG could also take over your payroll administration and bring it under management and control of SMCG. SMCG will free you up to focus on other areas and tasks within your organization that are really important to you.

Hiring of Professionals

We can provide you on an as-needed basis with professionals (external consultants) to carry out a particular assignment.

Mobility & Assessment Center

SMCG functions as a mobility & assessment center.  When the situation presents itself in an organization in terms of outplacement, career orientation and development assessment, we are readily available to take the necessary steps to help the worker in regard to future work relationship with the Client Company or eventually to be placed elsewhere outside the company.


Need to reorganize or do you need assistance with other existing work problems? We render professional support and apply the method of inter-vision coaching (peer counseling) which is a low threshold and systematic approach of the work situation with the focus on bringing about concrete solutions to internal work-related matters.


From time to time, a worker may leave your company because of economical, organizational and or personal reasons. We at SMCG will develop a mobility path in order to counsel and advise the worker throughout the whole process of leaving the old job and gaining new employment elsewhere.

Career Orientation

SMCG looks at all the possibilities of career development for the worker in a company. We look at where the worker is presently and what career path has to be developed so the worker can continue progressing in the company.

Development Assessment

SMCG does a development assessment of the worker to gain more insight in the talents and potential of the worker and to align them with the specific needs of your company now and in the future. This assessment provides the developments the worker has to go through within the company.

Coaching and Counseling

SMCG also coaches and counsels the worker in the whole process of further development of his career. Where necessary we provide the training, we do career research and carry out ability tests.


We provide custom made labor mobility trajectories. It all leads to advising and counseling the worker during this whole process towards a new position inside or outside the present organization.

Personnel and Salary (P&S) Administration

We assist companies in making sure the salaries of their workers are processed correctly in a timely manner and provide up to date information of the employees. We provide the P&S administration with the necessary support (also including the Financial administration) based on an adequate software package. Your company can count on our Human Resources expertise.


We also assist in the development of a P&S administration within your organization. The whole P&S administration can also become part of our own domain (management & control) area with as a result a lesser burden for you, our Client Company.